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Hillary “Annie Oakley” Clinton shows how in touch she is(n’t)

Posted in 2008 Presidential Election with tags , , , on May 5, 2008 by plinynovo

According to a Politico article, Hillary has been filling mailboxes across Indiana and N.C. with mailings questioning Obama’s commitment to the 2nd Amendment (and thereby demonstrating her gun bona fides).  The problem is that her ad men reversed the image of the gun, making it a non-existent left handed model of a highly expensive ($2,200 for the existent right handed model) German rifle customized for the European market.  You may say, so what – who cares?  If you are among the many that say that, you are not a gun owner (and that is the audience she is after with this mailing).  

Politico quotes gun enthusiasts as saying: “I find it laughable on its face,” he said. “It’s like a picture of Babe Ruth hitting right-handed,” and “I bet the Clinton folks did a mirror flip on the stock image to make it look more ‘aesthetic.’  What a latte-sipping, Gucci-wearing thing to do.”

This may not be the biggest gaffe in the campaign, but I find it hilarious (or should I say ‘Hillarious.”)