Does the Left admire Reagan more than Clinton?

Have the Clinton’s damaged their reputations with the left?  I know this is not a scientific study, but I offer this evidence of the rift between themselves and the Democratic left.  Today I was participating in a discussion on Daily Kos.  It was one of those discussions not on the issues of the day, but one just for fun and talk about history.  The discussion contained a Poll as well as comments.  The topic – “the most admired US President of all time.”  185 votes were cast by the participants.  Why am I discussing this?  Bill Clinton got three votes from the Daily Kos crowd.  Ronald Reagan got four.  


Even in a non-scientifically selected cross section of Daily Kos readers, to me it seems significant that Reagan beats Clinton in a poll of great presidents.  I can only attribute this to dissatisfaction of the left with both of the Clintons due to the 2008 race.


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