After Wright – Better for Obama to have been a Muslim?


For the past few months, I have noted deranged bloggers claiming that Barack Obama is Muslim because of his middle name and because of the fact that the father that he did not know was a lapsed Muslim.  I at first laughed and then cringed, as the rumors seemed to grow, especially after Clinton’s halfhearted repudiation of such rumors, “he is not a Muslim, as far as I know.”  My discomfort came from my libertarian beliefs (I understand how deeply personal and powerful a person’s religion can be.  I absolutely support a person living and practicing any religion or no religion.  But I also, firmly believe that there shall be no religious test for public office and that the wall of separation between church and state must be vigorously defended).  Therefore, these accusations troubled me two fold, one because they were false, and secondly, and for me more importantly, they sent a message to those who are Muslims that neither they nor their children could truly participate in the American Dream.  The bloggers were in fact proving that no matter what the Constitution says, there is a religious test for holding public office.


Why am I writing this, because following the last three appearances of Jeremiah Wright, I found myself wishing that Obama were a Muslim.  The overwhelming majority of Muslims are good, honest people whose theology, while different than mine, is neither hostile nor divisive.  This is true of most Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus and other religions.  Unfortunately it is not true of Wright’s theology.  In his speeches Wright, proved that the clips shown constantly over the past months were taken out of context, and that putting them in context was worse.  Appearing before the NAACP and the National Press Club, he belittled any Christianity other than his own; he repeated outlandish claims about HIV; he showed disdain for all that disagree with him.  And he abandoned and disowned his most famous parishioner, Barack Obama, with an under tone of hostility that to be kind, was un-Christian. 


While I do not agree with all of Obama’s issues, I do agree with much of his central appeal – healing the nation’s divisions (red and blue, black and white, straight and gay, urban and rural, north and south, etc), ending the war in Iraq, and changing the climate of Washington.  


Well now is the time for Obama to put his money where his mouth is.  He has an opportunity to begin showing how to heal our divisions.  He must call Wright what he is.  Yes he is a man, who grew up in a culture, which hated him for his skin color.  How did he deal with that horrible situation? He retreated into himself and came out turning that hate back on others – some of whom hated him, but most of whom were not born and did nothing to him.  Hate breads hate, it is true; but a true Christian does not let hate consume him. A true Christian calls hate what it is.  This is what Obama must do.  The hardest test is when demonstrating that requires a person to cast out a friend, a family member, or a pastor.  It is time for Obama to show that he is a true Christian.


2 Responses to “After Wright – Better for Obama to have been a Muslim?”

  1. fat clint Says:

    this is just dumb..plain ole dumb. suggestion: stop promoting things that are clearly not true and easily verifiable.

  2. plinynovo Says:

    I wonder if you read the post, or just the title. If you read the post, what comment is untrue?

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