After Wright’s speech, my advise to Obama – Debate

After watching Reverend Wright’s speech to the NAACP dinner in Detroit, I can give you my first reactions.  First and foremost, no matter what value or lack of value is present in Wright’s speech, we all know that the cable news networks will spend the next week discussing nothing else.  No matter what Obama says on any other issue, it will be given short shrift.  If Obama wants to regain control over the dialog between now and the upcoming primaries in North Carolina and Indiana, he must do something bold.  Hillary Clinton has demanded un-moderated debates “anywhere any time.”  Before tonight I thought he was politically wise to decline her invitation.  Now, were I a political advisor to Senator Obama, I would accept and tell Hillary that he will meet her Tuesday night.  Why? First, in an un-moderated debate one can assume that Hillary will steer clear of the ABC style issues (and if she does go there, she will likely suffer more damage than will he).  Secondly, and more importantly, the debate will get Wright off the TV screens and allow Obama to speak to his issues.  If he fails to do this, I, once again as the hypothetical political advisor, would tell the Senator, that he has lost a week of coverage, and the primaries are in 9 days.


I will have more to say on the content of Wright’s speech tomorrow after I have digested it a bit more.  I will say that at points I was very impressed with him and at others, I was disturbed. 


One Response to “After Wright’s speech, my advise to Obama – Debate”

  1. deesturrbed u best be. wright stating Africans told the Jews the Old Testament. Oh he done it now! preacher may think he can ramble nonsense on all kinda of stuff, but he saved he best wackyness for his speciality, religion. wacky negro, obama gonna have the lead the tomato throwing now.

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