Hillarys and Huckabees

In his excellent op-ed piece, The Hiilarys and the Huckabees, David Boaz, lays out the dilemma  for modern American Libertarians.  The democratic establishment has become the ‘mommy party’ content to take care of citizens as if they were children, making sure they make the’ right’ decisions and the republican establishment, influenced by the religious right and the neo-cons has become the ‘daddy party’ trying to discilpine the population in order to stamp out sin.  Boaz writes:


The “Huckabees” want to censor cable television because they don’t think you can be trusted to decide what your family should watch. They support bans on drugs, pornography, gambling and violent video games because you just don’t know what’s good for you. They want prayer in the schools and sound science out. They want to subsidize heterosexual marriage and ban gay marriage. They want government to take the place of God and stamp out sin on earth. Former Sen. Rick Santorum, a classic Huckabee, complains about “this whole idea of personal autonomy, … this idea that people should be left alone.”

The “Hillarys,” meanwhile, want to raise taxes because they think they can spend your money more wisely than you can. They don’t believe in school choice because you don’t know how to choose a school for your children. They think they can handle your retirement savings and health care better than you can. They think, as Hillary Clinton has advocated, that the government should produce video lectures on how to burp a baby and how to brush your teeth and have them “running continuously in doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, motor vehicle offices, or any other place where people gather and have to wait.”


As a libertarian, at election time, I used to find myself choosing between three bad choices:  (1) vote third party, knowing that my vote will not count, (2) vote democratic and betray my principals of economic freedom while at least slowing the most draconian intrusions into my personal social freedoms, or (3) voting republican and betraying my social values while generally limiting intrusion into the economic sphere.  Recently however, the republicans have made that choice somewhat easier.  The current Bush administration, I would argue has become the ‘mommy and daddy’ (perhaps we should call it the ‘traditional family’) – seeking to control all aspects of my life.


If the John McCain of 2000 was running in 2008, I might have some hope that the Republican Party had seen the error of its ways under Bush, but the McCain we see now, promises to be a continuation of the new Republicanism.  Hillary on the other hand, is the uber-‘mommy’ seeking to force us into an ever increasing collectivization of our society. 


This election, I will still have a hard choice, but there will only be two options, (1) vote libertarian or (2) vote Obama.


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