Rev. Wright no different than white evangelicals

Evangelical preachers (white and black) often use incendiary language to make their points. I disagree with both (and in all honesty – it gives me pause when evaluating people who agree with them). But look at it objectively:

Let’s look at what Wright said in “G__ D___ America” clip. His argument is essentially The US “sinned” when it dropped the A bomb on two cities with large civilian populations, and God has punished the US in 9-11.

Now let’s look at what Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell said, following 9-11 – America had “sinned” by allowing abortion and supporting gay rights, and God had punished the US by allowing 9-11 to happen.

John Hagee said essentially the same thing about Katrina. New Orleans was planning a gay parade so God punished the city.


After they made their comments, all then essentially did the same thing, call upon the U.S. to change its ways and follow their views of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Let me be clear; I think all four are crazy. But they are all essentially the same. Yet, the Republican Party continues to embrace the white evangelicals and call for Obama to renounce the African Americans evangelicals more than he already has. To me we all should renounce and reject them equally. 

By the way, Hillary is not off scot free on this either. She needs to renounce Doug Coe.  In all honesty, Rev. Coe seems far more dangerous than do any of the standard evangelicals mentioned above.  


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