McCain’s Spiritual Advisor says U.S. attempting Black Genocide

In all of the controversy about Barack Obama’s pastor’s inflammatory remarks, little attention has been paid to the controversial issues upon which the religious right and the religious left agree.  Commentators rightly have pointed out the outrageous claims of Dr. Wright regarding the claim that the U.S. government is attempting to destroy the black race through AIDS.  Those same commentators fail to point out equally outrageous claims by John McCain’s self-styled ‘spiritual advisor,’ the Reverend Rod Parsley who claims that U.S. officials purposely planned genocide against African Americans.  The means of the claimed genocide are different, Parsley uses abortion not HIV, but the claims are the same.   



One Response to “McCain’s Spiritual Advisor says U.S. attempting Black Genocide”

  1. …There should also be outrage for how the Federal Reserve controls our economy with inflation and deflation. There should also be outrage that our government is undermining our personal freedoms and liberties with laws that encroach our lives. We should also BE outraged that our country is headed down the path to socialism! We should be outraged that the presidential race is nothing more than a dog and pony show where the sheeple of America vote for who is the most popular INSTEAD of who has integrity and true core values that guarantee that they will be for the American people and not for corporate welfare and socialism!

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